You've decided to get married! We are delighted that your relationship has progressed to the point that you are ready to make a lifetime commitment. Here you will find information concerning the marriage rites through St. Teresa of Calcutta Catholic Community. We hope this information answers many of your questions. Should you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us.

The parish community of St. Teresa of Calcutta Catholic Community is committed to helping make your special day something to remember. We will do whatever we can to provide quality and helpful services to you during this process.

Although celebrating marriages are very important to us, please keep in mind that it is a good idea to plan your ceremony well in advance to ensure the priest is available. Also, we are pleased to celebrate your marriage in a location of your choice.  Again, congratulations on your decision. Let us be among the first to wish you joy as you take this next step on your life together.

Sacrament of Marriage 
St. Teresa of Calcutta Catholic Community celebrates the Sacrament of Marriage for any couple ready to embrace each other in spousal commitment and enduring faithfulness to reflect the love of Christ for the Body of Christ, the Church. All of the marriages that we celebrate are sacraments that have deep religious significance and we consider them to be marriages that are blessed by a loving and caring God and supported by our Catholic community. These marriages (those between opposite sex couples and also same sex couples) are recognized by the State of Florida and have legal rights (such as joint filing of income tax and property ownership) and are accorded equal recognition by the State of Florida. We treat them with equal respect and dignity as the superior law of Christ demands. We celebrate the Sacrament of Marriage for all couples.

Marriage is . . .
A Catholic Sacrament celebrating spousal commitment of two people as a manifestation of Divine Love.  The Sacrament of Marriage is a sign through which the Church manifests and celebrates its faith and communicates the saving grace of God. More simply stated, God wants us to enter into a deep relationship and this is a milepost along that lifelong journey that provides us with special opportunities to receive God’s grace and love. 
A spiritual and temporal joining of two persons and their lives at all levels. 
A covenant whereby public, life-long vows are made proclaiming the total and faithful gift of oneself to another and the Christian community pledges its support of the couple. 

Marriage is not . . .
A quick fix for a broken relationship. If your relationship is already in trouble, marriage is not appropriate. Since you will be asked to make a significant life-long commitment, you will need to be certain that this is a healthy, mature relationship that is intended to last. We expect you to have been in a committed singular relationship together for a period of one year or more before beginning the process of seeking to be married. 

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