"witnessing LOVE Donation"

"witnessing LOVE Donation"

While reviewing this Website, if you are motivated by any of these 4 statements:

#1.   “You believe God LOVES the world through us—through you and me.”
 #2.  “Not all of us can do great things.  But we can do small things with great LOVE.”
#3.  “Every work of LOVE done with a full heart brings people closer to God.”
#4.  Or you would LOVE to see this mission go forth!

  That is what the "witnessing LOVE Donation" is all about.


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 St. Teresa of Calcutta Catholic Community has enlisted Paypal to provide its parishioners, guests and visitors with the opportunity to use electronic funds transfers as an alternative method for giving. Paypal is being offered to you free of charge.  Some of the features offered include:

    *  Ability to make one-time contributions
    *  Ability to use Credit Card or Bank Transfer