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Father Victor Ray was attending a Human Rights Rally on Thursday evening, February 1, 2018.  At the close of the rally, Father Victor was walking with two women toward the parking lot across the street from the Chapel.  About to leave the circle drive area and approaching the north bound lane, one of the women screamed and Father Victor's instinct kicked in as he pushed the women he was walking with out of the way of an oncoming Mini Van. Father tried to leap out of the way and the Mini Van ran over his left leg/ankle.  The driver of the Mini Van stopped, called the police and stayed at the scene.  Father Victor was rushed to the Hospital.  Thanks to the quick thought and actions of Allendale United Methodist Church Parishioners the scene was made safe.   Father Victor did have surgery on his leg/ankle and a plate and screws were put in.  Father Victor is recuperating well at home and must be off his left ankle for at least 8 weeks.  He is expected to have 2 more surgeries and has been told it probably will take a year or so before being back to normal.  We expect him back to church soon because there is no way he will sit and do nothing.  His spirit and faith will have him back in no time.
Prayers have been coming in and more Prayers are needed!
Please join with us and Pray for Father Victor Ray's, the two women and the mini van driver's Physical and Mental Healing!  Thank You for the assistance from the Parishioners of Allendale United Methodist Church.  Without their response, the accident could have been a lot worse.